A Defining Moment In Time

Commissioned by Blekksprut1 for Factory Light Festival in Norway, September 2021

A Defining Moment In Time, 2021
LED, colour filter, barcode painting on wood
Size: 1200 x 160 x 10cm

This is it. If humanity wants to survive into the next millennia we need to survive the next 100 years first, without crashing. And when we (hopefully) look back at these few years right now, it was what we did, how we changed, that shaped how we solved things. Be here – think ahead.

Most of all, we need to learn to let go. This is hard. Still, you need to learn to let go. Because there will be even a lot more letting go coming up than we’ve experienced during this pandemic if we don’t act now. Learn to let go of oil. Learn to let go of other sentient animals as your main source of food. Learn to let go of exploiting the rights of indigenous peoples, of land, the seas and the air we breathe. This is not about light, nor about art. This is not even about me or you. This is about sustaining the still existing life on this planet we call home.

Time itself doesn’t solve any problems. Time does not move. You do.

And you are here right now. Focus on what you see and the perception of light as it plays and creates new shades on the surface in front of you. Think about the distribution of heat. Think about colour and how it radiates diversity on a black and white surface. The backdrop is a barcode created for the use of global capitalism and markets. It’s a language for machines. Now move.

September 2021