In Relation to Colour

“We do not see how things really are, but how they are in relation to each other.”

In Relation to Colour is a study in the relations between colours. The changing relations tickles our perception and brings out the question of what really is in front of us and what is brought there by our imagination.

In the work the artists main focus has been the observation of the symbiosis of different colours. The usage of complementary colours, opponent colours and afterimages throughout the visible wavelengths of light, alter our perception towards something wider than what actually is in front of us. The piece strives towards a pure representation of colour, detached from the surface, spacer or other context that usually distract our seeing. The colour is brought forward in its most natural form as light, that as colour is in relation to itself and its surroundings.

Materials: Light, Wood, Aluminium

Exhibited in MUU Kaapeli – Gallery as a part of Lux In Light Art Exhibition as a part of Lux Helsinki Light Festival in Helsinki January 2017.