In the Midst of Change

In the Midst of Change is a mental projection and reflection of the world we currently live in. Big changes are happening all over the world both in nature and in us humans. The scale of the landscape is enormous in comparison to us and always changing and new. Because of our actions the earth is now changing rapidly and desertification, flooding, melting glaciers and rising sea levels are impacting on our everyday lives. Humanity has enough resources to fight this change but only the common will seems to be lacking. Our need to conquer, own and control the landscape has poisoned our relationship to this planet we have as our home. It’s time to wake up, open our eyes and realise that the world is not circling us. Climate change is the biggest catastrophe humanity has ever faced. Our planet has the fever, what’s your excuse?

In the Midst of Change is a series of oilpaintings dealing with the theme of climate change and space in landscapes. The exhibition consists of works painted between 2013-2018. The paintings have been inspired by travels across the world during the last few years where especially visits to the north have opened my eyes to what really is important to me. The works are also inspired by the skies, colours and our surrounding nature and the beauty that constantly surrounds us if we just stop to admire it.

All paintings are for sale. For every sold painting a donation of 10% of the price will be given to the fight against climate change. See attached price-list for more information or contact me by email.

The exhibition was realized with help from Svenska Kulturfonden.

In the Midst of Change has been exhibited in Kuja Gallery Helsinki (September 2017) and Mökki Galleria, Kaarina (September 2018)