Lux & Umbra

Breathe In, 2022 – Alexander Salvesen

“The Lux & Umbra exhibition presents the diversity and very high quality of Finnish light art. The exhibition showcases the production of six media artists and groups of artists that use light and shadow in their work.

Taking place during the dark season, Lux & Umbra (lux = light, umbra = shadow) brings light and gives visitors effective light therapy and a serotonin high, while pointing out that where light is at its brightest, the shadows are also at their darkest.”

Lux & Umbra, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku
Curated by Jonni Saloluoma
Artists: Anna Hyrkkänen, New Media Art Collective Konvolv, Antti Kulmala, Anni Laukka, Pasi Rauhala, Alexander Salvesen